Kevin & Victoria

How They Met

When Victoria moved to Houston for medical school, a fellow student invited her to be on a local trivia team. Little did she know that the team consisted of only one other person, Kevin.  Kevin impressed her with his knowledge of history, and Victoria impressed with her knowledge of music and theatre.  Regular trivia nights turned into to long conversations, learning that they had both spent part of their childhood in Fort Worth and attended the same Elementary school. Kevin asked Victoria to dinner in December of that year, and neither of them minded sharing fries or mini golfing in the freezing rain.

The Proposal

In June of 2019, Victoria booked an anniversary trip for December in Los Cabos.  Kevin saw this as the perfect opportunity to propose.  The months between June and December, Kevin stressed frequently about Victoria finding the ring, often changing its hiding place. The last few days were the hardest, especially when airport security took his bag out to check its contents. On December 18th, they arrived at the resort in Cabo, and after months of waiting Kevin immediately proposed on the balcony of their hotel room. Victoria didn’t even stop to say yes, before grabbing the ring and putting it on. It was a wonderful start to their vacation, that ended with sunset photos on the beach. 

The Ring

Victoria's ring is a classic style solitaire in yellow gold and platinum. The center diamond is a rare, antique Old European round that was cut by hand between 1890 and 1930 without electricity! This cut has broad, flower petal shaped facets that draw more light into the stone, allowing it to sparkle even in candle light! Kevin hand-selected this diamond for Victoria and chose a setting that would allow this unique center stone to shine all on its own. 

 The Wedding

Kevin and Victoria planned to be married in the Fall of 2021, and I am so excited to be the Maid of Honor!

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