Custom Design Process

If you can dream it - we can do it

The custom process takes about 6 weeks depending on intricacy of the design and stone rarity, so please contact us as soon as possible to get started! 

Design Meeting

Book a meeting with us to plan the perfect piece of jewelry. We will give you a quick call to talk about your vision and budget and schedule a design meeting either in person or via FaceTime. Don't stress—you do not need to know anything about jewelry, diamonds, or design- you can rely on us for that! We will talk about who the piece is for, what makes them special, and all of your ideas. Bring your Instagram inspiration, napkin sketches, or that not-so-subtle text from your significant other spelling out exactly what they want!

Stone Sourcing 

We responsibly source stones just for you based on your design, ethics, desired quality, and budget. If you have any heirloom stones that you would like to use, bring them! We love incorporating sentimental elements into our customs, whenever possible. At this meeting, you can hand select each stone that goes into your design. 

Design Sketching

We will combine your inspirations and specifications, with a critical eye towards durability, timelessness, and structural integrity. We will make a few sketches, and go through feedback and revisions until you get exactly what you have envisioned!

Digital Rendering

We will precisely render your design into a 3D CAD model and send you a digital copy of all angles. Final design adjustments are made at this stage and once we have your approval, the design is sent to be cast.


Upon request, a wax replica of your design can be produced. This allows you to see and feel your design, prior to metal casting. It is a great way for us to make sure everything is exactly to your liking! Here are some of the waxes from past ECM Gems customs.

Casting and Setting

After the design is finalized, it is cast in the fine metal of your choosing. Our master bench jewelers set each diamond and gemstone by hand and add any handcrafted details. The piece is thoroughly cleaned and polished and then your design is complete! 


Upon completion, we will schedule a quick meeting for you to pick up your jewelry. If you are not available to meet in person, we will coordinate a delivery that is discreet and secure, and schedule a phone call. We will talk about care and cleaning, provide recommendations for appraisal, and discuss insuring your pieces.

Let's Make Something Beautiful!

Contact us to get started!