Price & Brittany

How They Met

How did we meet?? I’d like to say mutual friends, ha! I mean, that is the reason I actually convinced myself to go out on a date with a guy I met on Hinge. He did have some things going for him: he was cute, he had jokes (that were terribly endearing), he loved the outdoors, and he obviously loved his dog, Roscoe. In one of the photos on his Hinge account, Roscoe was wearing hiking shoes! I reached out to our mutual friend for a quick background check, bless you Kyla! She told me he was fun, hilarious, and that I had to give him a shot, so I did! Our first date was dinner in Clearfork, where we talked and laughed nonstop. Later that evening, we grabbed our dogs for some ice cream at Curly’s. It was perfect! Price and I started spending a lot of time together after that. On another date night some time later, he had me over for dinner and while I was watching him cook, I spotted a list on his fridge. With a closer look, I saw he had written down every single date we had gone on… What?! I thought, “This guy must think he’s going to marry me!” Turns out, I was right!

The Proposal

Price had planned a big Easter proposal with all of our family, but then COVID-19 happened. Womp, womp. We didn’t know when we would be able to see our families. Price knew that he had to do it soon though, as it was no secret to anyone that I was ready to get engaged. I dropped a lot of “hints.” Fast forward to my birthday… We were taking a break from work and Price asked if I wanted to practice casting my fly rod. (We do that sometimes in the empty lot next to his house.) Fly fishing is one of our favorite activities to do together. Anyway, while I had my back turned, he got down on one knee—I had no idea!! I love that he surprised me while we were doing something that is such a big part of our relationship.

The Ring

Brittany's ring is a very unique and sentimental pairing. It combines a gorgeous Tiffany & Co. emerald cut diamond with heirloom stones from Price's family. The ten diamonds on the band are from Price's grandmother's wedding ring. They are set in a yellow gold comfort fit band, complete with Price's favorite: platinum, falcon-tip prongs! 

The Wedding

We will be married in January 2021 in DFW in the most beautiful venue overlooking nature and surrounded by our wonderful families and our closest friends. It will be an intimate ceremony and a killer party, and we can’t wait to celebrate with our people! We are excited to begin a new adventure together.

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