Toby & Taylor

How They Met

Toby and Taylor met while they were both attending HighRidge Church in Fort Worth, TX. They hung around in the same friend group for a few years. One day, Toby asked Taylor on a date because he thought she was beautiful and "a girl version of himself." Taylor said no. A few months later, Taylor realized that Toby was awesome, ridiculously handsome and knew he was someone she could love forever.

The Proposal

After a little over a year of doing life together, Toby decided that it was about time to ask Taylor to be his wife. He worked insanely hard to plan the proposal (without his incredibly observant girlfriend finding out) and ensured that her people could make it to celebrate them after popping the question. Under the pretense of a scheduled work dinner, Toby snuck Taylor up to the roof of Press Cafe and asked her to be his wife. They then were able to spend some time alone taking in the moment over a glass of champagne. At her house, Toby and Taylor’s friends and family were eagerly awaiting to surprise and celebrate the future Teakells. Taylor and Toby are excited and expectant to see what this wedding season holds!

The Ring

Taylor's engagement ring is a beautiful oval diamond, set in yellow gold with falcon tip prongs, surrounded by a delicate halo of diamonds. Her wedding ring is a yellow gold band with round diamonds shaped to resemble marquises, alternating with single round diamonds. The milgrain and unique pattern give wonderful texture and depth to this set. Toby's ring is a sleek, brushed band in yellow gold, complete with a modern beveled edge.

 The Wedding

Toby and Taylor were married and the Brik Venue in Fort Worth, Texas on April 26th 2019. I was honored to be invited to this wedding and truly cherished witnessing their special day!

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